Friday, June 25, 2010

Prescription Roulette

Today is my last Friday off before surgery (my work schedule includes every other Friday off, which is great). Because I continued to have side effects from the levetiracetam, my neurologist decided to try another medication.  On Monday 6/21 I began taking carbamazepine.  So far it seems to be causing fewer side effects, although Wednesday I ended up coming home from work early because I wasn't feeling too good - more from symptoms rather than side effects, I think. Sometimes it's hard to tell them apart. Fun, huh? Apparently this is how it works with anti-seizure medication; trial and error until you find something that works and doesn't make you feel like crap.
On a brighter note, I have two photographs in the fine art exhibit at the California State Fair:

The awards ceremony is July 17th, just over a week after my surgery. Not sure if I'll be up for it by then or not. We'll see...

Today was warm, but we had lots of clouds which made for some soft, beautiful light. I broke out the 8x10 camera and the magic chemicals to make some portraits of my three favorite girls:

Carol (my hero)

Gayle (analog girl in a digital world)

Sarah (with her new hipster specs)

Unfortunately, Gayle's working at the city pool until 9 tonight, making sure none of the twerps drown. Maybe we'll go grab some sushi at our favorite local restaurant Amerikan Ichi. It's been a good day and a pretty good week.

Two weeks and counting until surgery... These last two weeks have gone pretty quickly. July 9th will be here in no time.


  1. It's pretty cool to read about another photographer who is having a problem with seizures. I have been having the same problem since I was 16, I am now 34. I have been through a number of different meds before they've found the "right" kind. I still have them occasionally if I happen to miss a dose. Just be careful if they intensify, stay in touch with your neurologist and be sure all of your friends and family know about your situation... I am currently in a neck brace and my ear's cut up a little from a past seizure where I fell off of a porch, not fun.

    I only have an associates in photography and wouldn't compare it to your beautiful captures but I'd like to call myself a fine artist before anything else. I hope we can somehow run into each other sometime in the future.

  2. Nice work as always Kerik.

    John Brewer.

  3. Kerik,

    The pictures of your girls are lovely.
    I'm wishing you all the best with your upcoming surgery... You'll be in our thoughts.


  4. Tubular Dude-

    I took phenobarbital from age five until 40 to control grand mal seizures (from a head trauma). No, my nickname was not "Dopey." Until attending college, I had EEGs twice a year and the news was never good in that the affected area seemed to steadily grow.

    At age 40, I was teaching at a major uni with a med school and a prof there arranged for an EEG. I was expecting truly terrible news. The news was: no hint of irregular brain waves. Three different experts read the output. Stopped taking the PB that day - would like to say that I soon returned to normal but as you know, normal and I have never been in the same county at the same time...

    I wish you equally good fortune.


  5. Loving your blog so much - both your inspiring narrative and breathtaking pictures. That picture of Carol is exactly like my memory of her - so so beautiful.