Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blah, blah, blahg...

OK, just what the internet needs is another blogger. There are times when thoughts fly around in my head that I want share and I want to put somewhere... I've never in my life kept a journal. OK, maybe when I was 12 and in love for the first time, but no one wants to read that adolescent drivel.

These days, I'm thinking a journal may be a way for me to remember stuff. At 49, remembering is much harder than it used to be. So, we'll see where, if anywhere, this little corner of the 'net goes. For now, have a look at this new picture:

It is a cyanotype over palladium print of a lightening storm in Condon, Montana. A week or so ago I was there teaching a gum over platinum workshop for the Photographer's Formulary and had my daughter Sarah with me as an assistant. The lightening started about midnight and we stood out on the deck for a while enjoying the show and trying to catch an image. I made this with my Canon 5D. The print is roughly 7x10. I haven't made a cyanotype in over a decade, but Sarah got into cyanos during the workshop because one of the students brought along some chemistry. So, thanks to Sarah, I have another medium to work with.

I long been a fan of Kenro Izu's work and I have a wonderful book of cyan/platinum prints by Kenro called Blue.

So there you have it, my first official blog posting. Will it be my last?


  1. and here I was thinking I'd actually inspired Kerik to do something... but no it was Kenro Izu...
    foiled again.

    I much prefer your Blahg title over the normal Blog.

  2. A blog, from the man that said never...

    The cyano works really well here though- with a lot more effort you could've got the same with a few gum layers but at our age enough suffering and toil!

  3. My bad, Matt - yes, your recent cyano-overs also piqued my interest in trying this. Carl - someday I'll learn to never say never. Maybe...